Mega Size 1/48 Unicorn Gundam Decal

Mega Size 1/48 Unicorn Gundam Decal

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Item description

It is a decal for 1/48 unicorn gundam. It is only a decal. It is water transfer.

If mega size is intact as it is, it is completely a toy, but it seems to be like a scale model with the big impression changing just by the decal.
The example is too hard to make, so we are not erasing the parting line, but it is powerful.
Precautions are reproduced finely in the energy pack of Beam Magnum, etc.

Although the decal is good, it is difficult to see a little because the pasted figure is still PG. RX-0 unicorn of Mobile Suit Archive
I think that it is good to have this book as it seems to reproduce Gundam.