1/8 McLaren MP4/4 under tray front decal [D704]

1/8 McLaren MP4/4 under tray front decal [D704]

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Item description

It is the front end of the front underbody and the under tray. It is abnormally large format.

Black only monochrome and carbon with silver to paint with smoke. Kevlar is a clear yellow I paint.

Under tray is rubbed against the road surface and holes are empty so reinforce with Kevlar plate It has been.

Since the Kevlar is also scraped off after the race and the underlying carbon becomes exposed

It can be reproduced to the scale of 1/8. The carbon plate is made of 0.2 to 0.3 mm plaque. Scrape with a ruther,

file or the like.


Modeler 's eye has details.


2/14 D704 1/8 McLaren MP4 / 4 under tray front was resold.