1/8 McLaren MP4/4 Decal for duct set decal [D692]

1/8 McLaren MP4/4 Decal for duct set decal [D692]

Price: Euro19.00(tax included)


Item description

Nose, front and rear brake, turbo duct, carbon decal around shift lever. Please paint the substrate as

black monocolor as well as monocoque except turbo duct. Although there is a real car image at the bottom,

since the color tone changes with the angle to see, blow silver on the ground Please paint with your favorite

color with clear yellow, smoke etc. Since the eyes of carbon can be seen from the structure only around

the shift around monocoque please use it. In the periphery of the cockpit, paste thin paper such as tissue

with clear paint. You can reproduce the condition of solidifying the fiber with resin as with the actual car.


Modeler 's eye has details.