1/8 McLaren MP4/4 Logo Decal for Carbon [D728]

1/8 McLaren MP4/4 Logo Decal for Carbon [D728]

Price: Euro35.00


Item description

Use a carbon decal on the carbon part without painting

it. Back numbers: Nose 1 and No. 2. R wing 3, 4, 5 (only when No. 5 wing tip plate is unnecessary)

Complete with body 67, 68, 69, 70 number.

1/8 tends to be seen as a large radio control, but if it is a carbon body Radio controlfeeling is completely

lost and director can produce a sense of precision as a model. The example is easy nose only,

but the front and rear wingtip edges are metal plates so it is a metal plate You can recreate

paint without repainting it. Since we are using carbon permeation, we can see "eyes" when

light hits Since the place where the light is not reflected looks black, 1/8 can be seen

from various angles.


Modeler 's eye has details.