1/24 Ferrari La Ferrari Carbon Decal [D870]

1/24 Ferrari La Ferrari Carbon Decal [D870]

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Item description

1/24 Ferrari LaFerrari Carbon (transmissive type) decal. Only decals.

The disadvantage of carbon decals is that they stick zebra-patterned decals, so rather than being made of carbon fiber resin.
It only looks like it has stripes on it, and you can't change the color tone.

Since it is a transparent type, you can apply smoke, clear yellow, and clear orange after applying silver underneath to create a feeling of resin stacking.
It looks completely black depending on the viewing angle.

The example reproduces a clear orange and strong yellow carbon.
Green LaFerrari. It's different from the image, but it's a color that matches very well because it's about to be exhibited in a museum in Modena.