Transmission type carbon decal block [D715]

Transmission type carbon decal block [D715]

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Item description

Since carbon is a material obtained by consolidating fibers with a resin, a pattern can be seen depending on the viewing angle,
Even though it looks just black, since the usual carbon decal is a pattern,
I could not see it as a carbon fiber that was solidified with resin with the same pattern regardless of which angle it was visible.

Transmission type is applied to a black decal, paint such as silver and smoke on the ground and paste it
The pattern looks and hides according to the angle like the actual car.
In addition to smoke, by mixing clear yellow and red
The texture of each part differs and the range of representation of the model expands.

The ultrafine is suitable for 1/43 to 20, and the detailed item is suitable for 1/24 to 1/12.